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Ignatian Exercises

St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, was the author of the Spiritual Exercises, one of the great classics of western Christianity. This series of prayer exercises was written over a period of years in the 16th century. It was designed to be undertaken over a 30 day period, with a director as guide and included 5 hour long specific prayer experiences each day. In a series of annotations or notes at the beginning of the exercises, St. Ignatius indicated that the retreat experience could be changed to accommodate the individual making the retreat. One of those notes or annotations (the 19th) indicated that if a retreatant making the exercises could not get away for 30 complete days they might make the retreat over a period of 30 weeks, doing one of the prayer experiences each day.

It is this form of the retreat which we are offering this year. 

We will have directors available spread around geographically. They are listed below.  

This retreat is open to all who are willing to make the commitment to the following requirements:

  • come to a group meeting approx. once a month
  • see their retreat director once a month privately
  • spend 5 hours each week praying on the material of the retreat

Each retreatant will be provided a personal director. Sessions may be in person or virtual, so do not worry if you are not necessarily in the region of a director.

The costs of the retreat and the days and times of the small group meetings will be unique to each director. If you are interested in making the retreat we ask that you contact the retreat director of your choice or in your geographical region directly.

Feel free to contact Bill Zuelke with any questions or concerns about the retreat.

View a general schedule of the retreat for this coming year HERE. Each director will adapt this schedule somewhat, but it is a good general schedule.

Directors of the retreat:



Group meeting:


Dale Gish San Francisco, CA tba tba
Bill Zuelke Portland, OR Monday 9:00am
Morris Dirks Portland, OR tba tba
Sheri Philips Portland, OR tba tba
Denise Jubber Eugene, OR tba tba
Bryan Sallee Anchorage, AK tba tba
Dave Wilkinson Spokane, WA tba tba
Diane Steward Lynnwood, WA tba tba
Jamie Greene Seattle, WA tba tba


  • Monthly meetings with your retreat director
  • Nine half-day gatherings for prayer and reflection on the Spiritual exercises and our experience in prayer (main gathering at Mosaic Church in Portland, Oregon with satellite groups in a variety of places)
  • 5 dedicated hours of time with God each week on the retreat material